Monday, 13 June 2011

More exhibitions

On Friday 17th June, I'll have a couple of pictures in an exhibition at a groovy underground restaurant in Oxford. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say where it is as this sort of thing is borderline illegal... ooh, edgy.

A week later, I'll have a picture up in Cornerstone Art Centre's 'Coast' exhibition. Didcot isn't the first place you think of when the word Coast comes up but that's the theme of their show and I've got this picture accepted by them.

There's also an exhibition of unsigned, postcard sized work this autumn. The show is in aid of Abingdon County Hall Museum which is currently being renovated. Each piece of work is, as mentioned, postcard sized and only signed on the reverse so visitors to the show won't know who has done which picture. I've contributed something but as it's a secret affair, I can't show you it here.
Not sure where the exhibition will be or the exact date but I'll let you know.

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Now I do.
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