Friday, 11 June 2010

2010: an update

Here's an update on what's been happening in the world of Scooter McKenzie's cartoons and Peter Bellingham Illustration.

Awards: Two at the end of last year from Mensa - The High IQ Society, recognising the work I've put in, editing their regional newsletter for the last five years. I wasn't at the award ceremony and therefore missed the chance to accept my trophies from TV's own Johnny Ball.

Design jobs: I've recently been working with a couple of marketing agencies, producing storyboards for their clients' websites. I really enjoy this sort of work as I get to cover my desk with marker pens and get scribbling. One visitor to the studio looked over my shoulder and said, disapprovingly "Admit it Pete, your job is just 'colouring in', isn't it?"

The logo that I designed for a Care Home recently will soon be appearing on its promotional material. St. Clare House approached me after a recommendation from a previous client so I'm very pleased that 'word of mouth' advertising works.

Computer game: another exciting project was the Daybreaker Dash game for local charity Helen & Douglas House. I illustrated the backgrounds, characters and obstacles for the game and Ash from the technical team at Torpedo made the whole thing work. It's fiendishly difficult.

Leaflet designs: earlier in the year I was asked to design a leaflet at short notice for a new parliamentary candidate. With only a few hours to work on the project, the leaflet was designed, printed and sent out on the campaign trail. The good news is that the candidate won and has now taken her place in the Houses of Parliament, all due to me of course.

I also got the chance to design the marketing material for a well known comedian's forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe shows. Greg Davies is perhaps best known for playing the teacher in Channel Four's The Inbetweeners and is an occasional panelist on Mock The Week. We first met way back in 1979 when he complimented me on a drawing I'd stuck on the classroom wall. The posters for his Edinburgh shows will also catch the eye, as you can see above. We tried several options including cartoons and caricatures but in the end he wanted this one. He's a brave man.

Facebook Page: Scooter McKenzie's Cartoon Page continues to go from strength to strength, currently with 80 fans who get to see new cartoons and news before anyone else. Please feel free to join them. My new strip cartoon 'The View From The Shed' was premiered there and currently I'm feeding through my new England Squad caricatures as soon as they're drawn.

Town maps: I'm in the final stages of supplying illustrations to White Horse District Council for their new Abingdon town maps. There are six maps at various sites around the town for tourists and locals to use and I've contributed three previously completed pictures and three newly commissioned works to the project.

Exhibitions: In the past six months I've joined the committee of Abingdon Artists Society and look forward to helping this charming group of people put on their lovely exhibitions. The next one is in September, I'll keep you posted here.

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