Sunday, 16 May 2010

The French exhibition

It's my third full day here in Argentan and in the nicest possible way, it feels like a week. I've travelled here by ferry, carrying 25 framed pictures, all of which survived the trip. I was delayed by industrial action but arrived Friday morning and was taken straight away to hang my pictures in the huge Exhibition Hall. Yesterday was the grand opening and I think I made a pretty successful speech to around 150 people including the Mayor, who apparently said some kind words about one of my pictures. They even gave me a medal! Apart from that, it's been a non-stop gastronomic onslaught. Weirdly, the ferry journey seems to have made all my clothes shrink slightly. I can only imagine this will get worse as the week progresses. I'll keep you posted.

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People say be careful what you wish for.
I only ever wanted to scribble and eat chocolate all day.
Now I do.
Let's see what happens.