Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New illustration to be shown at exhibition

Abingdon Artists are holding their Spring Exhibition from Saturday 20th to 27th March at St. Ethelwold's House in East Saint Helen Street. Entry is from 10am to 5pm and it's free. I'm putting a couple of my Abingdon Angles pics in, one of which hasn't been exhibited before. It's a scene of St. Nicholas' Church as seen from the bottom of the Guildhall steps. As usual, it started off as a pen and ink illustration, before each individual drawn shape was pieced together and given a colour on screen. There will also be greetings cards featuring this image and others from my Abingdon Angles collection. Please come along.

The exhibition was a great success, thanks in no small part to the lovely venue. I did some stewarding on the Sunday and Thursday and was in attendance when a senior gentlemen leaned up close to one of my pictures and said "I like this one. I'm nearly blind, you know." A little while later, he and his wife had bought it! The first sale of the exhibition. I also sold around 18 greeting cards and took part in some enthusiastic networking at the private viewing so it was well worth it.

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People say be careful what you wish for.
I only ever wanted to scribble and eat chocolate all day.
Now I do.
Let's see what happens.