Friday, 11 December 2009

Funny in German

World domination continues at a much slower pace than I'd first envisaged. Two publications in Taiwan have published my cartoons so that's the Far East sorted, now for Europe.

At a craft fair a few weeks ago, I spotted a lady reading the joke on one of my greetings cards and then reaching into her bag. She's going for her purse, I thought but I was wrong. She pulled out a small device with a screen and keypad and began typing, all the time glancing back at my cartoon. With one final click, she gazed expectantly at the screen and then began chuckling.
I caught her eye and asked 'Did you just translate that?'
"Yes" she said, "it's very funny."
'Which language?'
So never let it be said that our European friends lack a sense of humour.
Look out for my new German range of cartoons coming to a shop near you soon.*


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