Monday, 2 November 2009

Bonfire Night scribbling

This week I have a gig drawing cartoons at a Firework Event in Aston Rowant, near Chinnor. This is a result of applying for a stall at a craft fair being held at The Lambert Arms. Unfortunately I'd left it too late but the events manager suggested I come down and draw at their firework night. I thought it would be quite topical to do some Bonfire Night related cartoons and set to work thinking some up. Here's the first: I imagined that Guy, being the explosives expert might have damaged his hearing along the way so he's misheard another of the plotters and brought along a sunflower, some treacle and a bottle of pop.

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People say be careful what you wish for.
I only ever wanted to scribble and eat chocolate all day.
Now I do.
Let's see what happens.