Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Big in Taiwan!

You may remember I said I'd been accepted onto which supplies cartoons to publications, websites and individuals all over the world. Well it's taken a little while but I'm delighted to say that three of my images have been sold, one to an individual, one to Worcester Mental Health and the last to The Taipei Times. So if you were in Taiwan in July you may just have spotted a Scooter McKenzie cartoon in the paper. If you were wondering, it was the top one; perhaps a little tasteless but very topical.

Update: It seems Taiwan is going Scooter McKenzie crazy. I'm sure if I ever went there, I'd be revered as a god as now I've heard that not one, but two; yes TWO of my cartoons have been published over there.
Strangely both were cartoons that I thought weren't really up to the mark and almost didn't submit them but as I've learnt, somebody somewhere will appreciate them, even if that person is halfway around the world. The cartoon was based on the premise that elephants never forget (shown above).

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Richard said...

I like the elephant one, very 'Gary Larson' - if you don't mind me saying

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