Monday, 3 August 2009

My first book!

Over the last few years I've been writing and illustrating a series of stories. First they were going to be a comic strip, and they still might be but in the meantime I've collected the first four and made them into a book.
It's called 'The puzzling cases of D. Cypher, Private Eye' and as the name suggests, the stories are full of puzzles that can be solved by the reader, helping them to catch the criminal. So that makes it a detective story/puzzle book/graphic novel.
Each story is fully illustrated; the book contains over 120 illustrations so it's been a real labour of love. Although it's available now in glossy paperback, I plan to add more stories and re-release it before Christmas to make it a real stocking filler.

In the meantime, the whole thing can be downloaded to read onscreen at the special price of just £3.50. I hope you like it.

UPDATE: I was interviewed about my book in September's Mensa Magazine by Editor Brian Page. I'd contacted him as I thought this might be the ideal place to plug a book full of puzzles. It also didn't hurt that I've been out drinking with Brian on several occasions and he's a very nice chap. So with my foot already in the door, Brian rang me up and asked a few questions. It's a process that sharpens the mind as you're aware that every word you utter could end up in print. I didn't have to worry though as the whole thing turned out very well. Let's see if it translates into sales.

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