Friday, 10 July 2009

'Peter Bellingham Illustration' is now TWO YEARS OLD

Images above:
• topical cartoons on
• a frame from my forthcoming graphic novel
• jumping the gun on the Jacko comeback gigs
• Clint on the cover of Steadycam newsletter

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has used my services or given advice and support so far.
If only I had a celebration cake, I would share it with you all.
Of course that’s not strictly true, I always have a cake close to hand.
“Mmmm nyom nyom nyom... delicious.”

Two years in business has led to assignments I never dreamed of when I first started. I’ve mentioned a few of these previously but they include illustrations of:

• A knee implant being fitted
• Santa towing a self-storage unit across the sky
• A smiling zebra leaning over a wall
• Talking, walking medical infusion pumps
• An entire book on breastfeeding

In the past few months, the business has been mentioned on a couple of blogs, including a Q&A session with Catherine from Warrilow PR which you can read here:

I’ve joined the online digital networking revolution and got a presence on both LinkedIn and Twitter, although by the lack of ‘tweets’ I upload, there’s little chance of me becoming the new Stephen Fry.

You can find my work on various gallery sites on the web - the latest being:

There’s this one too:

Regular cover illustrations for movie newsletter Steadycam provide fresh, interesting images for my portfolio, including Clint Eastwood, Daniel Craig and Arthur C. Clarke.

The cartooning workshops continue to gain pace with a recent one for Steventon Beaver Scouts being a fun and hopefully educational evening. I also entertained a gathering from Mensa at a 4th of July American themed event by teaching them how to draw Bart Simpson, Fred Flintstone and other cartoon characters.

There have been more opportunities to work in front of an audience at local craft fairs where I’ve been selling greetings cards which are drawn ‘fresh today’. Everyone gets an original signed piece of art and can tell the recipients they watched it being drawn.

The latest change to my business has been being accepted to join
This is the world’s largest site for stock cartoon images and impressively, is in the top two thousand most visited websites in America and the top five thousand in the world. It’s too early yet to say if it’ll make me rich but I’m enjoying finding out. More importantly, it’s got me back in the groove of producing topical jokes about national and global issues. It’s interesting trying to to anticipate what will be big news in order to create topical and saleable cartoons. Sadly I jumped the gun with the cartoons I drew to mark Michael Jackson’s comeback tour.

I’m also extremely excited by the fact that my graphic novel is nearly completed. I’ve been working on it for over five years on and off and am planning to self publish sometime in late July or early August. There are four stories featuring a Private Eye who invites the reader to help crack each case by solving word puzzles dotted throughout the story. I’ll keep you posted when it’s ready.

Having clocked up around ten thousand miles on my (sometimes) trusty scooter getting to and from the studio, I can honestly say the last two years have been quite a ride.

Who knows what the future will bring but if it’s as interesting as the past twenty four months,
I say ‘Bring it on!’

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