Friday, 1 February 2008

New year - new challenges

Six months have flown by and with the new year here, it's time to set myself some challenges. What would I love to do in 2008?
* Have a range of greetings cards in the shops.
* Get a regular cartoon slot in a weekly or monthly publication.
* Illustrate a children's book.
* That'll do for starters.

Greetings cards: Having approached a small local company and been brushed casually aside, I learnt to do my homework before seeing anyone else. Now I have a themed range of cartoons ready to show to a publisher. Next step is to target the right ones. The GCA website (Greeting Card Association) is a good place to start. It's time to start sending some work out.

Regular cartoon slot: Over the past few years I've been frantically scribbling away at ideas for cartoons and comic strips. Hopefully this will prove rewarding when I pitch one of them to local publishers. I've got a range of Oxford based cartoons, a detective story and the range which I'm also pitching to greeting card companies so all I need to do is put them together in a portfolio and target my publishers carefully.

Children's book: I'm already working with someone who has an idea for a children's book character. I've put together some sketches showing the character from all angles and in action situations and the people I'm working with are enthusiastic and planning for world domination!

My other idea on this subject stems from seeing a book by Harry Hill. 'The further adventures of the Queen Mum' sees the dear old QM going up to heaven where God calls her over for a chat. He says her work on Earth is not yet done and sends her back to be a crime-fighter from beyond the grave! Maybe only Harry Hill can get away with having a hope of seeing stories like this in print but I think I know someone who could write something that children would love. If nothing else, it's an excuse to get together in a pub and having a laugh whilst telling everyone we're doing some serious work.

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People say be careful what you wish for.
I only ever wanted to scribble and eat chocolate all day.
Now I do.
Let's see what happens.