Friday, 2 November 2007

Wedding cakes, Christmas cakes and cat litter

Four months on and the range of work I've been given has taken me by surprise. The publishers asked for illustrations for the book 'Household Tips'. The deadline was tight but everything got finished and sent to China on time. Part of the problem was that instead of drawing, I was reading the entire book. How to get oil off your drive (sprinkle cat litter on it)and how to remove stains in your toilet bowl (pour cola into it).

The 'birthday we do not mention' came along; I even baked a cake and drew a cartoon on the top to distract people from the poor quality of the baking. This backfired when I was asked, quite seriously as it turns out, to make and decorate someone's wedding cake!

I've just sent my second Christmas card illustration job to the printers so by 2008 I should have a nice little portfolio of them. Coming up with a festive angle for each client is fun. I've done one for a storage company and another for an accountant.

In between assignments I've been continuing to create new merchandise for my online shop at
The latest range is called 'Fry it or diet?' and features a little round character who answers that question the same way every time. Can't think who I might have based him on!

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People say be careful what you wish for.
I only ever wanted to scribble and eat chocolate all day.
Now I do.
Let's see what happens.